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Bodybuilding & Women's Physique Posing

The following is a detailed guidelines for posing for bodybuilding or women's physique



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Men's & Women's Bodybuilding, Women's Physique - Posing Overview

Posing is one of the most basic aspects of bodybuilding and physique but often is under prioritized. On the amateur level it is common to see strong physiques that are poorly presented resulting in lower placing..

Things to remember:

1. Posing is exhausting. If you are not regularly running though a prejudging round in the months leading to your show you will be shocked by how your body reacts. Proper preparation will help prevent sweating that will cause streaks in your tan, shaking while flexing, excessive breathing or out of breath, and fatigue that will prevent you from holding your poses properly. You may even pass out.

2. You are always being watched. From the moment you set foot on stage you are being judged, the camera is rolling and photos are being shot. Do not be caught relaxing at any moment.

3. Smile. Judges want to see a positive presentation. If you are to win, you are the representative of the that show. You will likely be on next year's poster and website. If you cannot smile, you won't win.

4. Practice. Run through each pose at least 3 times each day leading up to your show. There are times when you may end up in 3 callouts, you need this endurance. Hitting a most muscular in the bathroom mirror won't cut it. Find adequate space with good lighting. Wear your trunks so you know exactly what you will look like. Video record your sessions so that you can review them and see your progress. Also have someone with a trained eye review your posing.

5. Pose without a mirror. Obviously you need the mirror to learn, but also take the mirror away. You may feel that you are completely lost. Remember, there is no mirror on the stage.

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